Graduation dress

Its Graduation time you should be very exited!!!

Congratulations on making it to graduation! After all the hard work and dedication it’s finally here. The final step is this day. Dressing for your graduation ceremony can be daunting but with our step-by-step guide you’ll find the perfect graduation outfit to wear with your mortarboard. Remember to follow your university’s specific dress code for a graduation ceremony before shopping as most have their own specific requirements. Have fun on this special day and remember to take our tips into account!



When it comes to dressing for a graduation ceremony think about wearing a dress that shows your elegance and class. A shift dress is a great option as it has a flattering silhouette that is mid-length on the skirt and modest on the neckline. This style is very popular right now so it won’t be out of style. For a more modern look consider a chic jumpsuit or maxi dress that will show off your stylish side.


Get ready for the cameras

You’re going to be photographed at your graduation ceremony so you might as well embrace it! By following these tips you can get great photos that reflect your personality and confidence. A solid color dress is a good choice but avoid wearing all black or all red. These colors will have a big impact on the contrast of the photos so go with warmer colors instead. Pastel shades and neutrals will also work well.

Keep it simple


You can wear patterns and prints but keep in mind that animal print is not a good choice as well as prints that are small ditsy or florals in neon colors. Larger prints that include wide stripes and big polka dots will look great and coordinate well with your graduation dress colors. Also consider coordinating your outfit with your gown colors so that everyone who photographs you looks good.

Dress according to the weather 

Most graduation ceremonies in the United States take place during the summer so it is important to dress accordantly to the weather. Many people choose to wear light-colored clothing to stay cool but dark clothing can also be appropriate. It is important to avoid wearing anything that is too revealing or that might be considered offensive as this could ruin the ceremony for both yourself and others.

Wear the right shoes 

lastly wear the right shoes, the right shoes can make or break a graduation outfit. Wearing the wrong shoes can be uncomfortable and distracting and can ruin an otherwise great look. The best shoes for graduation are comfortable stylish and appropriate for the occasion. Avoid overly casual shoes like sneakers and opt for something more polished like loafers or dress shoes.

You should be very proud of yourself. This is a significant accomplishment and you have worked hard to get here. Today is a day to celebrate your success and to enjoy your accomplishments. Take some time to reflect on all that you have achieved and think about what you want to do next. Enjoy your day and have fun.


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